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The traditional product of the Mediterranean, olive is the name of a millennium long culture… And the olive tree has a history of almost 40 thousand years. Anatolia comes to the fore as one of the most vital centres of the olive culture throughout history.In other words, Anatolia and particularly the Aegean coasts are the motherland of the olive…

Olives have to be processed in the shortest time possible after harvest in order to obtain quality olive oil. If kept waiting the olive becomes fermented thus reducing the quality of olive oil.The acidity of olive oil is actually the quantity of oleic acid within the oil.If, for instance, the acidity level is 1% then there is 1 gram of oleic acid in 100 grams of oil.The acidity level determines the quality of oil.

The factory is based on a territory of over 7 thousand square metres out of which 3 thousand square metres is a closed area while its average manufacturing capacity exceeds 5 thousand tonnes.The factory take environmental protection as our “fundamental duty” and fulfill all the requirements in this respect with ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO22002 and HACCP quality certificates, which it hold.